Manor Court Mixed Use Scheme Wins Planning Approval

Ansham Associates has obtained planning premised for a mixed use development of seven apartments and commercial ground floor space at the corner of Manor Road and Cheriton Gardens in Folkestone. The scheme follows study of the the arched form in the Folkestone building stock including an iconic viaduct. Also subject of study have been railways bridges, victorian buildings and structures around the Sunny Sands. The scheme will feature a landmark building at the apex of the site with a second more subtle structure faced in green walls neighbouring existing flats in Manor Court. The practice has worked closely with the design officer and planning officers at F&H Council to ensure the proposal will make a positive contribution to the regeneration efforts in Folkestone, providing a high quality contemporary building that reflects the unique and rich architectural heritage of Folkestone.PHOTO-2020-01-23-14-32-12 2

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